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Weekly Meal Prep


We live in a fast paced city that does not always allow us to have the time and energy required for preparing a homemade meal. Far too often we default to ordering take-out.

Wouldn't it be nice to open your refrigerator and have an amazing assortment of tailor-made dishes to choose from just waiting for you? This is where I come in! 

1-2 times a week I will shop for groceries, come to your home, prepare/package meals based on your personal preferences and leave the kitchen looking like a staged model unit. As long as you can operate an appliance that has reheating  capabilities, dinner is ready.

Dinner Parties

Any night of the week can become a special occasion with the right food and company. Whether you are planning a romantic night in with the person you love, having a group of friends over to catch-up or trying to impress your in-laws when they come to town, nothing brings people together better than a great meal. 

Together we can create the perfect tasting menu for you and the important people in your life. Let's make it a night to remember!

Chef Demo - Cooking Classes

Looking to feed your mind as well as your appetite? 

Anywhere that's equipped with a kitchen can provide me an opportunity to share some of my culinary knowledge with you.

I'm more than happy to work with anyone from couples who just want to spice things up a bit (literally!) to larger groups of friends, neighbors or coworkers.

For pricing, please inquire within

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